Would you be ready if your home or business was destroyed by a fire or burglarized?
A fire or storm can destroy our home and business, not only taking away our valuables, but a lifetime of memories.
Thieves can invade our lives when we least expect it.
Though insurance can cover losses, are you able to make a complete list of everything that was destroyed or stolen?
What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a detailed list of the personal property located in your home, a storage area, or a garage on the premises. It should include your furniture, jewelry, artwork, antiques, appliances, kitchen contents, clothes, carpets, drapes, computer equipment, electronics, musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, linens, tools, sports equipment, and any other items of value.

Why do I need a home inventory?

  1. Having an inventory of all items is an important part of maintaining control over your assets for estate and financial planning purposes. It gives you a complete picture of your personal property, the value of which can be totaled and is a component of your current net worth.
  2. It is your responsibility to have and maintain a complete inventory of your possessions for your insurance company.
  3. It provides documentation to your insurance company as well as law enforcement so that your antiques, jewelry, silver, sporting goods, and collections can be replaced or returned.
  4. You have the option of designating your insurance agent as a registered user should the need arise, E.g. traveling out of the country, on vacation, in the hospital.
  5. An inventory of your possessions assists in determining how much homeowner’s insurance you should carry.

We provide secure state-of-the-art Internet archiving:

  • Photographic inventory documentation that is downloaded to a secure server able to be only accessed by you or a designated representative 24-hours a day.
  • Once the inventory is completed you are issued a security code to access your inventory documentation that is only known by you or your insurance adjustor.
  • Your also receive your own personal CD record of all items inventoried.
  • Asset appraisals to ensure that you will get a fair market value for your antiques and collectibles are available.

Your privacy is important to us. We provide a professional and confidential home inventory backed up with a written guarantee. To further ensure your protection, we are licensed and bonded.

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