Keep your story alive for generations
What will you tell your grandchildren about your parents?
Are there favorite stories or anecdotes about a family member that you have heard but never verified?
How is your family history being preserved? Would you like to have your families history documented and bound into a journal?

Preserve your family history before it’s too late. The stories and wisdom of a life well lived are priceless.

We will interview your parents or grandparents for a "first person" story that you and your future generations will cherish.

A professional interviewer and writer will interview and document your family history. Why?  The best way to preserve family history is by having a third party, not related to the family, interview your patents, in-laws, aunts and uncles.  We have found that family is more open and honest with a stranger than they would have been with a family member.

Most people have never experienced a reporter interviewing them.  Good material comes from good interview questions, good interviewing technique, and good editing.

Members of our staff have written professionally for an average of 25 years, and have written thousands of articles and stories.
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